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A Letter to My Sisters, and My Niece and Nephews

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Living in this technological age, where information spreads like wildfire, has lead me to assume you younger generation know a lot. This is a fault of mine, thinking that between the internet, television, and new teaching techniques, someone would make sure you know certain facts of life.

I realize now that my assumptions may be wrong, that time is ‘of the essence’, and that a lot may elude you.

My sisters, I assume you know that you are beautiful.
I assume you know that ‘you are beautiful’ is not a phrase, not a quote from a song or a commercial, but a way of life.
I assume that you take this to heart, and know that you are not beautiful with a certain make up, in skinny jeans, or with that new hairstyle, but instead are beautiful in your bare skin, in your raw hair, in your natural state.
I assume you know you are not an object, not a billboard for the next blockbuster or platinum album.

I assume you know that school is not about your grades.
I assume you know your education is more than a diploma.
Fuck a diploma.
I assume you know that school is about the knowledge, about knowing how the world works and why. Which is why I assume you know you are going to try going to college. Because it isn’t about the degree, it is about the experience.

I assume you know about the birds and the bees.
Or about the birds and the birds, or the bees and the bees, or the squirrel that was there too.
I assume you know that homosexuality is fine. It is natural. It is nothing to shun, mock, or whisper about. I wouldn’t expect you to hide who you love, so I do not expect it of my friends sean or steve, that would be unnatural.
I assume you know that sex is natural.
I assume you know sex should not be shameful, awful, mechanical, or painful (unless you so choose).
It should be a joy, cultivated and savored like a fine wine.

I assume you know that you are your own master. Slavery is illegal now, act like it.
I assume you won’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do with your body, not beyonce, not bieber, bachmann or obama. They do not own you, and they never will.
I assume you know that the world is not about followers, friend requests, favorites, likes, or +1s.
I assume you know it is about people. Real people, the billions of them, who live and die on a daily basis.
I assume you know that those worth listening to are rarely seen on camera. They are philosophers, leaders, historians and teachers, reminding us that we live amongst fellow human beings who wish to be safe, happy, alive.

I assume you know that life is full of hardships. Despite what you have been told, this is not a test, you will not be graded, this is just the human condition. Billions have faced it before you.
I assume you know that your ideas are valid, you need to speak up, you need to put your opinion out there.
I assume you know that “opinions are like assholes.”
I assume you know some people’s opinions are popular, but that does not make them special or flawless. Anything you aren’t allowed to question, is not worth listening to.

I assume you know that being sick is not a failure, being sad is not a weakness, and that death is not a trifle.
I assume you know I love you, and will always.

To my niece and nephews (you can listen too girls)

About love

Love does not come at first sight, is not a pit you fall in to, and does not come from flying diapered baby angels.

Love is tough to understand. This is because love is shown all wrong on TV, and you experience the true thing every day. When you love someone, you are willing to sacrifice anything required to help them, and they will never require it if they love you. You wish for the happiness and success of the other, despite what you say or how you act.

I love you little ones, Mykel, Montez, Myana. Just like I love your mom, my sisters. Just like I love my mom and dad. Just like I love Natalia. Just like I love my many friends.


Written by MD Kid

01/26/2012 at 9:04 PM

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